I am working on a new anthology that showcases experiences of those who have been affected by and or experienced *any* forms of violence and abuse.
I am not limiting this collection to any one strain, nor any particular group of people either, and I welcome anyone who feels comfortable submitting their stories, to get involved in this project.

Once the book is published, any proceeds will be distributed amongst various ethical programs and shelters that work to support those who have been affected by and or have experience with violence and abuse. As this list is still being determined, you are welcome to include suggestions of programs to donate to as well. *Really I’m open to hearing anything you’ve got, if you know of any that would be worth working with, please don’t hold back.*

People of colour, indigenous persons, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and youth are all strongly encouraged to submit if desired. My purpose is to reflect a diverse range of experiences, so I am calling on everyone to put feelers out in their own communities for anyone who may be wanting to take part.

Submission Guidelines:

To submit: Please respect the space I have drawn for myself in the virtual sand, and send all submissions to the email address listed below *NOT* here.

Submit to: radicaltransitions@gmail.com

Please submit all works with the subject line “Submission”
There is no minimum word count required, and no restrictions to style, either.
Articles, essays, poems or stories, mixed media and other illustrations; all are welcome to be sent in for consideration. Submit in whatever form you desire, from where ever you are at in your process.
*Multiple submissions are welcome.*

Some of the suggested example topics to cover are: experiences of systemic violence and institutional abuse, domestic violence, patient abuse (between doctor and patient), self-inflicted violence or that against any vulnerable persons (elders, children, mentally ill, homeless, individuals with disability, incarcerated prisoners); mental, verbal, emotional, physical, and or financial abuse, as well as any forms of sexual or gendered violence and political aggression– but this is not an exhaustive list.

There are many other ways one can experience violence, and it is up to your own discretion to decide whether or not your experience applies. The worst that can happen is that I say no, so don’t be afraid to submit your piece if you are uncertain about whether or not it *fits*.

Maximum range of 1500-2000 words is the goal, but I may allow other submissions to exceed that based on my own discretion and whether or not the entire piece remains relevant (please, please do your best to keep it below that point if you can)

When contacting me, please specify alongside your submission as to whether or not you would like to remain anonymous, or if you would like to have your name (pseudonyms, pen names or other aliases are perfectly fine) published with any piece that you submit.

If you are interested in having your name published with any selected works, feel free to also include a short (50 word max) bio along with your piece if desired. Please also include preferred pronouns with your bio (name and pronouns will not take away from your word count), and any other information that you deem relevant to your experience. You are welcome to plug other writing involvements of yours, too, as I am happy to direct others to the projects that you see fit to mention.

Back to the mention of names though, pleaseplease make sure to change any one else’s names in your stories, too! For your own safety and their privacy, I ask that real names are not submitted in stories without the explicit permission of those involved.

Sharing our stories can not only be an empowering and healing experience for ourselves and for others, but it can also alter the dynamic and shift the perspective that often times surrounds this topic. It’s time to shed some more light on the variety of forms abuse and violence take within our own and others lives. Join the conversation!

If you have any questions or works you wish to submit, please contact me at the email listed above.

I look forward to reading your words!

Jesse James

Radical Transitions